Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ISRAEL, The So-Called New Kid On The Block and the Letter to the Editor which was not Published by the Montreal Gazette.

The following letter to the editor appeared in the July 30th, 2006 edition of the Montreal Gazette;

"To all who are talking about Israel's right to defend itself, a question: Where was Israel 100 years ago? This country is built on land taken from all the surrounding countries. This country didn't exist less than a century ago. Think about that and you may understand the opposition"

Ameed El- Goul, Montreal

I decided to do some research and after three hours on the internet, I had enough information to reply. Since my wife Carol is my proof reader, and really my editor who generally makes important suggestions about grammar and syntax, I decided to send this letter to the editor of the Montreal Gazette. We both decided to use Carol's name as the sender because we thought it would improve the chances of the letter being published. The letter read as follows:-

"The letter of Ameed El-Goul, claiming that Israel did not exist one hundred years ago, and was built on land belonging other countries, shows the writer's lack of knowledge of the history of the middle east.

France was given the mandate over Syria by the League of Nations after World War 1. The French then separated Lebanon from Syria in order to protect the Maronite Christians. Britain and the Free French liberated Lebanon from the Vichy government in 1941 and Lebanon became an independant country in 1944.

Arthur James Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary, made a declaration on November 2nd, 1917, promising the creation of a Jewish Homland in Palestine. This annoyed the Arabs, so Winston Churchill, the Colonial Secretary of Great Britain then created Transjordan on 80% of Palestinian land in 1921. He placed Abdullah, a Hashemite from the land that was later to become Saudi Arabia, as ruler. Abdullah eventually pronounced himself King and Jordan became known as The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Abdullah then seized the west bank of Palestine so Jordan then had a very large population, the majority of which were Palestinians. The Palestinians had no right to vote or choose a ruler. Britain really governed Jordan as a protectorate until 1946, when Jordan was declared independent by the United Nations.

The country known as Saudi Arabia, did not come into existence until 1932 after many wars waged by the Saud Family which enabled it to conquer many lands and territories finally declaring all the territory as Saudi Arabia.

Before 1921 the country of Iraq did not exist. In that year, Winston Churchill the Colonial Secretary, created Iraq and Great Britain had a mandate to govern it as a protectorate, until 1932 when it became an independent country. When Oil was discovered in Iraq, British companies managed the oilfields until they were forced to leave.

Kuwait did not become an independent country until 1961 when it was separated from Iraq.

As you can see, there are many new Kids on the Block, many of whom occupied lands from the surrounding countries. Mr. El-Goul fails to mention these. I suppose the reason for this omission is that the populations of these countries are not Jewish."


The Montreal Gazette failed to publish this letter for reasons unknown.



At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great letter. Too bad the Gazoo doesn't share your passion for fact finding.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger d nova said...

i heard churchill n t e lawrence ("of arabia") sat down w/ a map o the ottoman empire n divided it up. according to that story, iraq is short 4 "interior region above quwait."

kuwait or quwait was established in 16th century by several clans from central arabia, became a brit protectorate in 1899, so that doesn't quite fit w/ iraqi claim kuwait was part o it. kuwait declared independence in 1961. iraq challenged declaration, brits flew in troops. crisis wound down.

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At 12:42 PM, Blogger Broken Heart said...

All what Mr. Carol Said was true. But what you miss Mr. Carol is that:
though Lebanon was separated in 1944, but its people were living there thousands years ago..the same as Saudi or Kwit or Iraq or whatever country you want. It is not about the name of the land or when it is been called israel is about a fundemental feature of a state : which is people who share same history,language, background.
Look At Israelis ...who are they? they are nobody from nowhere scattered people from here and there have no common thing between them no history no language no ethnicity...they have religion ..and since when we establish a whole new state upon religion ...
They gathered them upon religious myth and gave them Palestine as thier "promised land" is the only state which established upon religion in the new era ..I really recommend you read more about states and history Mr.


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